And you will be my witnesses

Acts 1:8

At First Baptist Church, our mission extends beyond the confines of our sanctuary to embrace our community, our nation, and the wider world. Guided by Christ's example, we are dedicated to sharing the transformative message of salvation and embodying His love through service to others. Our mission endeavors not only seek to proclaim the gospel but also to tangibly demonstrate its power through acts of compassion and kindness. Through our collective efforts, we aim to illuminate the path to redemption and offer a tangible expression of the love that flows from a life grounded in the gospel. 

Upcoming mission trips

Stearns, Kentucky
June 3-7, 2024

Our church is embarking on its second journey to Stearns, among the most impoverished regions in the United States. During our visit, we will volunteer at a café cater to the needy, engage in minor construction tasks, and participate in a range of service initiatives. 

Northern Italy
September, 2024

Our church is returning to northern Italy for the second time to serve immigrants. In this region, the gospel is scarce, with few churches grounded in biblical teachings. This presents a unique chance to immerse ourselves in diverse cultures and reach out to individuals who may have never encountered the gospel message before. 

Join an upcoming mission trip

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